HalloTrip Track

I think this track could probably be classified in Trance :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Drumkit : CrocellKit
Plugins used in this session:

10 * LV2 GxMultiBandCompressor (by Guitarix team)
1 * LV2 DrumGizmo (by DrumGizmo Team)
1 * LADSPA guitarix_distortion (by brummer)
3 * LV2 ACE Delay (by Ardour Community)
1 * LV2 DJ flanger (by Steve Harris)
15 * Lua ACE High/Low Pass Filter (by Ardour Community)
1 * LV2 x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 Gxdigital_delay (by Guitarix team)
1 * LV2 Calf Bass Enhancer (by Calf Studio Gear)
3 * LV2 Gate (by Steve Harris)
2 * VST3 Dragonfly Room Reverb (by Michael Willis)
5 * LV2 GxChorus-Stereo (by Guitarix team)
2 * LV2 VU Meter (Mono) (by Robin Gareus)
6 * LV2 Calf Compensation Delay Line (by Calf Studio Gear)
6 * LV2 ACE Fluid Synth (by Ardour Community)
2 * LV2 x42-comp - Dynamic Compressor Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
11 * LV2 x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Stereo (by Robin Gareus)

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Hi, I would like to listen to the result but am unable to find any link to an audio file.

Hello Peter
:thinking: I’m not sure about what fails, so I put the incomplete link there :slightly_smiling_face:


Tell me if you can listen it by copy/pasting in a web browser after soundcloud.com/

Yes, I can access it with this link


(Could not see this link in your original posting)
Good ideas, keep on grooving!

I see six times fluid, what sound fonts have you used?

Thanks Peter, I’ll keep on and on and on :slight_smile:
I used FluidR3_GM.sf2 FluidR3_GM.sf2 Professional | Musical Artifacts thanks to Unfa (Making an orchestral piece with a free soundfont and Ardour (unfa live 2020-01-05) - YouTube)

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