H2O. It's only water.

Hi folks,

and now to something completely different. :wink:

Earlier this year I had an idea for an “album” of a special kind. The idea shaped and I started going for it. The record consists only of sounds of water, all recorded as stereo field recordings out there in the wild. All processing and quite a lot of editing has been done with Ardour and a few plugins (list below).

Here’s the artsy-fartsy work: http://em.drni.de/em004
(preview requires Flash for Jamendo Player, downloads in various formats.)

And as I guess as most of the folks reading this post are gearheads, here’s the list:

  • Soundcard: RME Digi + Behringer DDX3216 (actually for this purpose, any good quality 24/4,1 stereo card would have done the job.)
  • Recorder: M-Audio Microtrack II (except for track 2: Zoom H2)
  • Mics: A pair of Røde NT5 in X/Y positioning with (somewhat subotpimal) Røde Deadcat windshield (except for track 2: Zoom H2)
  • Software: Ardour
  • Plugins: Triple band parametric with shelves, Simple amplifier, Classic Master Limiter (free VST by Kjærhus, apparently they went out of business), TAL-Tube (free VST tube amp simulator), SPAN Analyzer (free VST by Voxengo)
  • Monitoring: Fostex PM-1 MKII, Beyerdynamic DT770

Enjoy and feel free to comment.