GxPlugins.lv2 v1.0 released

I’m proud to announce the release of GxPlugins.lv2 v1.0

GxPlugins is a extra set of effect processing LV2 plugins from the
Guitarix project.

Project page with more information is here:

New in this release:

Support for Windows (64bit). Implemented by Thorsten Maerz.

Release page is here:

we provide the source tar ball, a debian/ubuntu package and a win64
binary package.

We hope the plugs will be useful,



Thank you for the hard work and for sharing :slight_smile:

I never really got good mileage out of the Guitarix LV2 plugs and always opted for JACK → Guitarix → Ardour. But I’m curious to try these ones anew in combination with something like Tamgamp and an IR loader.