Gxlivelooper bug? Or maybe within Ardour?

I’m using Gxlivelooper to reset, rec, then playback a guitar signal. This works fine except the clip playhead doesn’t get “reracked”, even after issuing a “reset” to the looper.

So, for example. I can start the session, record a measure-long clip and the looper will play it back, as expected if I have play/stop markers exactly on measure start/end points. I can play/stop – on measure markers – all I want and this will work fine.

But as soon a anything (rogue stop automation point or user spacebar, etc) stops the looper playback in the middle of a measure, the loop playback gets out of sync. The next looper “play” signal will start playing back where it left off rather than starting the clip again. (Note it was doing this before in the “it works fine” scenario, but only because exact measure start/stop obfuscated the error.)

To make matters stranger, even if you send a “reset” and “record” the clip again (possibly by just hitting home and starting over), looper playback will start playing back the new clip at the wrong point in the clip.

This is very hard to explain but the bottom line is that each “play” signal should start the clip from the beginning. Not from where it left off as it seems to be doing.

Sorry if this is a gxlivelooper-specific problem as I suspect it is. But maybe not?

Here’s a 5.12 session to help reproduce the error. Guitar input is assumed on the R stereo input although any audio will do for testing. Just hit play, record something on that second measure, then stop looper playback short. Then hit home and do it again. You’ll hear the bug when your newly recorded clip starts playing back out of sync. (Req: Guitarix, x42’s stereo crossfade plugin, /usr/share/sounds/sf3/FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3)