GVerb on a stereo bus

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I have been facing an annoying issue: when I am putting a GVerb plugin on a stereo bus, pre-fader, the sound becomes mono.

Is that well known that this plugin is mono only? Is there a workaround?

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You can disable “strict I/O” (context menu of a mixer-strip, or when creating a new track/bus).

If it is enabled, adding/removing plugins will not alter change the number of channels. If it is disabled, I/O is flexible and the number of channels will adapt.

Alternatively, you could also manually configure it using “Pin Connections”.


I don’t typically use it myself, but when I searched for information on GVerb the Audacity page was at or near the top of the search results:
Audacity GVerb page, mono vs stereo

That section I linked has this note:
"GVerb is a mono rather than “stereo” reverb, meaning that it applies exactly the same effect to both channels. If you apply a mono reverb to a stereo source, the position of individual instruments in the stereo field tends to become more diffuse, and phasing effects can occur. "

If you aren’t satisfied with GVerb you could try Dragonfly, it sounds pretty decent to me:
That started out as a single reverb, but as people suggested various ways to make it easier to use Michael split it into four different packages that are based on the same reverb engine but optimized for different use cases.

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If you enlarge the Plugin Manager window, or use the horizontal scroll bar, you’ll see the input/output configuration for each plugin.

Here we see that GVerb is one in/two out, so it should be used on a mono track for best result. The ones above that are better suited for use on a stereo bus.
Ardour can handle all sorts of misconfigurations in that regard but you may not always enjoy the result :slight_smile:

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