Guitarix.vst3 cannot be loaded anymore in latest Ardour nightly 8.6.72


2024-04-30T11:44:11 [ERROR]: Could not load VST3 plugin '/usr/lib/vst3/Guitarix.vst3/Contents/x86_64-linux/': /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: g_once_init_enter_pointer

You need the statically linked version of the plugin, that does not depend on any system wide libraries (plugins are supposed to be self contained).

In other words, don’t install a version packaged by your distribution. Download it from here instead:

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Latest git revision and the Latest x86-64 Linux Binary build on the project side didn’t use avahi at all.

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Why did the error not occur in Ardour Nightlys before 8.6.72?

No idea. Nothing changed on our side there - same buildstack, same dependencies.

Would putting it in ~/.vst3 instead of /usr/lib/vst3 and re-scanning for plugins perhaps be a solution?

Arch is moving fast, maybe it didn’t have to do with guitarix.vst or Ardour, but with a system update on your side.
However, at least the culprit is on my side as release v0.3 linked unnecessary against libavahi-gobject while we didn’t need it in the vst3 wrapper. Hence I’ve put disable macros around the source using it in guitarix main and removed this dependency from the vst3 wrapper.
So currently the best option is to use the last revision from the repository instead the last release.

Yes, I had a couple of system updates and also removed a lot of “unused” packages…
Anyway it’s working again with the git version.