Guitarix.vst v0.2 released

Guitarix.vst is the full blown guitarix stack as VST3 plugin for Linux, using Juce to wrap the guitarix engine into a VST3 plugin.
It allow to load/save your presets, download presets from online and load external LV2 plugs and IR Files, like the guitarix stand-alone version.
But all that as a VST3 plugin in your DAW. All parameters been exposed to the DAW, so accessible for automation.
Other than the stand-alone, the VST3 version allows to switch the input to a real stereo input, so it may match better your channel strip in the DAW.
For Hdpi users, the GUI is full scalable.


This release fix a issue with startup sequence in Ardour.
Also fixed been the issues with the binary like `GLIBCXX_3.4.30’ not found. The binary use now pretty standard libstdc++ symbols.
It also introduce support for the Neural Amp Modeler so it’s now possible to load *.nam files into a modeler module.

Attached binary package is a x86-64 Linux binary.

To build from source please use the Guitarix.vst3_0.2.tar.gz package, as only that one contain the needed submodules.


Beside NAM support there is now as well support for RTNeural networks in the latest x86-64 Linux Binary
that mean it’s possible to load AIDA-X models They are much lighter in CPU consumption, so that may be useful when multiple instances been needed.


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