Guitarix.vst v0.1 released for Linux

This is the first release of Guitarix.vst

Guitarix.vst is the full blown guitarix stack as VST3 plugin for Linux,
using Juce to wrap the guitarix engine into a VST3 plugin.
It allow to load/save your presets, download presets from online and
load external LV2 plugs and IR Files, like the guitarix stand-alone version.
But all that as a VST3 plugin in your DAW. All parameters been exposed
to the DAW, so accessible for automation.
Other than the stand-alone, the VST3 version allows to switch the input
to a real stereo input, so it may match better your channel strip in the
For Hdpi users, the GUI is full scalable.


The binary package is a x86-64 Linux binary.
To build from source please use the Guitarix.vst3_0.1.tar.gz package, as
only that one contain the needed submodules.

Release Page is here

Project Page is here



Great News. Hope there will be an Arch AUR Package soon…?

just download the zip file and unzip to a vst folder recognized by your daw.

What is the LV2 plugs button supposed to do?
It lists all my LV2 plugs…but if I choose one it doesn’t load it?
If I try to import online presets ardour crashes and doesn’t start anymore.
I have to clear the ardour vst cache and do a vst rescan.

The LV2 button pre-load the selected plug into the stack and makes it available from the combo-box in the module headers.

Sad to hear that the online preset download crash for you. If you’ve a github account I would prefer to analyse that there. That said, it works for me flawless using debian/sid with the latest ardour nightly build.

Or, as a work around you may use guitarix main to download the online presets, they become available then in the vst as well.

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Thanks for the infos. Now all is working!

The guitarix.vst plugin makes Ardour Nightly Build crashing.
Manjaro Linux, Kernel 6.7.5, Ardour Nightly 8.2.154.
Distro Package, Ardour 8.2-3 working.
I opened an issue.

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