Guitar Input with USB Recording Devices.

so i’m a totally new guy to recording (and linux a bit), and after stumbling across Ardour i’ve downloaded it and been intrigued on recording. i run Fedora 8 on my laptop, using the latest version of Ardour downloaded from its package manager.

i was wondering if JACK can read inputs from a USB port from a device like the Lightsnake.
my amp has a 1/4" external speaker output jack thingy and the plan was to plug my amp to the laptop via USB.
i take it this won’t fry anything.

i know it’s not the most professional way to record guitar, but i’m a student here :slight_smile:

if anyone else has any suggestions for someone on a pretty tight budget, go ahead.

If you try to record from an amp’s external speaker output you will most likely cook some hardware at some point. A speaker output is a “high voltage” amplified signal designed to power a speaker cab. If you have this Lightsnake thing you are talking about you would be better plugging straight into your guitar and using software plugins for the tone. If the alsa usb module will work with this usb device then jack will also be able to use it as will ardour. Though the “best” way to do this whole thing would be with a microphone (sm57?) and a decent preamp fed into your sound card.

hope that helps.

haha :lol:
what a nice cable you’ve got there! try it out and give us feedback, one’s gotta try new things in life! :lol:

(by the way, more seriously, follow dcsimon’s advice …
by the way 2 : the link you provided mentions Linux as a compatible OS, so you’ve got to try it).

i guess i might opt for the better way of doing it with a pre-amp.
i found this at a reasonable price, but then i wondered how to feed it to the soundcard on my laptop. don’t see any obvious plugs on my laptop where an audio jack could be connected (other than the headphones and line-in). i’m guessing an external sound card will be needed?

if you’re using a laptop, you can try an external firewire audio interface or, if you have a good budget, the RME PCMCIA interface that would allow you to use RME’s external io boxes. But honestly, firewire would probably be your best bet.

another problem…
no firewire port :stuck_out_tongue:

will a USB pre-amp do the trick? though most probably don’t have linux drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

You might be surprised how few “usb-soundcards” would NOT be supported by alsa. The usbaudio alsa modules is pretty versatile. The product you’ve linked to above would most likely work (and sound good doing it), however I would recommend checking the alsa wiki for a definite answer.

I’d reccomend getting a separate DI box or guitar preamp. Plug your guitar into that, then plug that into the sound card.

so i’ve been looking around for sound cards, and have to make do with an external USB card with my laptop.

i’m not too sure what to look for.
i’m guessing something like this,48730000 won’t suffice, as there’s no inputs listed in the specifications?

external cards don’t seem to have inputs from what i can make out.

You could do what I am trying…

My Digitech RP250 £100 multi-fx unit has a USB output. This is detected with snd-usb-audio and works fine… (I have other problems, but they are output related, so I think this is fine.)

cool, though i’m not keen on buying an effects unit for the purpose of recording.

does anyone know if this will work?

or this?

or even this?

I have an ovation 12 string electric/acoustic that I sued to record a number of songs. I connected through a cheap(free) mini guitar amp I got with a purchase of another guitar. The sounds quality was good, but now when I try to record my electric guitar it sound horrible… I tried using it connected to my Peavey bandit 112 pre-amp out with no luck. Been thinking about using a USB sound card. Would I be able to use my pre-amp output with a USB sounds card, or do I need an additional amp?