GUI Track Coloring

Hello Ardour,

First thanks a lot for the amazing work your doing. I’m using your software since 4 years and I really love it and all the changes each releases are really amazing <3 !

Just a simple idea that could help a lot users to quickly identify a track from the editor view to the mixer view and vis versa : The TRACK COLORING.

On the current version the coloring isn’t really visible on the editor view ( unless your using groups ). Maybe the coloring should be also used to colorize all the tracks of the line ? Or the background of the line ? Or even just on the left box ( where is written the name of the track ).

Today all is in black & white in editor so sometimes it can be difficult to known where you are when you’re using more than 20 lines ><.

Thanks again for your work :slight_smile: !

As well as the bars in the summary right at the bottom, the regions in a track are coloured with the track colour, but that only helps when you’re on a part of the timeline where there are regions visible! This is why I recently put in a feature request for the track colour to be displayed somewhere on the track name box at the left-hand side.

It’s complicated by the fact that that box is a different colour to differentiate audio and midi tracks, not all the box is visible if the height is changed and the legibility of the track names shouldn’t be compromised, so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have the whole of the track name box reflect the track colour, but hopefully some suitable part of it could be used as a track colour indicator.

Hey !
Thanks for the answer ! I just discovered the option to colorize the region with the track color :slight_smile: ! Thanks for the tip !
Using the box color only to differentiate audio and midi track is for me not a good idea. It is usually obvious just by looking at the track content. A part part of the box should be fine indeed !
I support your request :slight_smile: !

If you enable visible track numbering, then the “button” which shows the track number will also show the track color.

Another interesting option for us to try, one day perhaps, is to color the fader.

@paul: sorry, being dense… how do you enable visible track numbering? I’ve searched the session properties and preferences and even googled it, but can’t find where that option is.

Colouring the fader would be okay until tracks are shrunk in size making the fader hidden. Could a strip above and below the track name, or surrounding the rec/mute/solo buttons, or between the solo button and the meters be coloured so that it would be always visible no matter the track height?