GUI space "wasted"


I have been using Ardour for a few years now and just realised something today.

My laptop screen resolution is 1920x1080 - it’s a widescreen.

It would be really great if in the Editor Window, you could move the following GUI sections to the right of the Clocks/Times GUI section instead of being under it:

  • Toolbar
  • Zoom Controls
  • Grid Controls
  • Edit Point Selector
  • Nudge Controls

On a widescreen setup, all the space under the Status Bar is wasted.

Hope I’m making sense, it would have been much easier if I could have sent a screenshot of what I mean!


Hi Paul,

Oh yeah I know :slight_smile:

It would just be handier if that toolbar could be re-attached just under the Status Bar.

Only my two cents

you can tear that toolbar off and put it wherever you want, though it will be in its own window.