GUI select via OSC

If a strip with a midi instrument is selected via the gui, the input is directly set for this strip to the
standart midi controller and deactivates the inputs for the other strips.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 083125

I want to do the same thing, from an OSC controller.
The Manual says:

  • GUI selection: Use /strip/select to set. Selecting a strip in the GUI will set OSC surface select and the surface will set GUI selection as well.

That seems to mean to me that if I use the command /strip/select ssid y/n, this command will set the GUI select.

I guess I’m missunderstanding, but it doesn’t work.

If I use the commnad /strip/select ssid y/n, it’s not setting the GUI selection (the red frame around the strip),
the GUI selection stays where it is.

Because of this I cannot activate the midi controller for a certain strip via OSC.

Am I misunderstanding the command, or am I missing something in general?

Is there a way to activate the midi input for a particular channel via OSC?

Greetings from germany

Guys!!! I figured it out:
You have to send a message like this, to select a strip in the GUI:
Screenshot 2024-06-10 224339

Why do you have to send a 0 to select it?
In the manual it says a 0 will be ignored:
/strip/select ssid y/n Where y/n = 1 for select. Sets both GUI select and strip to expanded mode. (0 is ignored)

But I have to send a 0 to select the strip…

This was the last feature I needed, now everything works very well.
I like Ardour a lot, and the OSC implementation is I believe a gamechanger,
I belive having a controller with spill function, and having the ability to
controll all plugin parameters should be the standart way of controlling a DAW…

Kind greetings from Germany