Gui Scaling System Wide Preferences

My laptop has an extremely high resolution monitor, so I set my system preferences in GNOME to scale everything by 200%. Ardour ignores this and is extremely tiny. I know it’s possible to scale the font and GUI via settings and I got out a magnifying glass to do so. This would not be a great experience for new users.

My proposal is that Ardour on Ubuntu use the system settings to set the scaling and then allow users to optionally override them with the slider, rather than work the other way around

(1) we do not have any plans to make distribution-specific versions of Ardour
(2) desktop settings are rarely appropriate for creation-centric applications anyway.
(3) i acknowledge the bootstrapping problem of changing Ardour’s own scaling when it’s already too small …

(3) Won’t be an issue anymore starting with Ardour 6.