GUI problem on Ubuntu 18.04

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04, and none of the plugins I am using in my project now display with their previous GUI (knobs, screen, etc.).
Is there a way to get them back?


Where did you install Ardour from? If not from this website, download the demo from this website and see if that fixes your issue?


From this website actually. I have the 5.12 version.


What plugins in particular? Is there any output on the console if you launch Ardour from the console, especially during startup or when you try to add a plugin and open it’s ui?


All of them. Calf filter, monosynth, Organ, gate; Steve Harris AM pitchshifter, DJ flanger; brummer guitarix_amp… and many others.
Sorry I am lost, too many Ardour folders and files, I tried to launch ardour-5.12.0 from /opt/Ardour-5.12.0/bin but I don’t know how to do it, and I am not sure if it is the right file.

The swh (steve harris swh-lv2) plugins never had a custom GUI. They always only displayed Ardour’s generic UI.

As for calf, I think modern Ubuntu has (or had) some conflict with calf LV1 vs LV2. You may have to uninstall calf-ladspa and only install calf-plugins then hope they don’t cause any issues.

PS. have you installed all these plugins from the distribtion? Maybe you have some old dynamically linked versions in $HOME/.lv2/ or /usr/local/lv2/ etc and they’re no longer compatible with modern Ubuntu.

Yes indeed, it’s not for Steve Harris plugins, but for calf ones.

I deleted the /home/.lv2 folder.
Calf-ladspa doesn’t appear anywhere. I uninstalled calf-plugins and reinstalled it, but no change.

I don’t know if it can help, but here is a screenshot of a calf plugin.


Are you sure that is not a calf-LADSPA plugin, instead of LV2? Can you check in the plugin manager? LADSPA plugins don’t have GUI, if I’m not mistaken.

Also, can you see any GUI (with a plugin that has one) if you just uninstall Calf completely?

The plugin manager shows all calf plugins as LV2.

I don’t know if several versions of calf could be installed at the same time, but typing apt list --installed only gave me one line with “calf” mentioned :
calf-plugins/bionic,now 0.0.60-5 amd64 [installed]

When I uninstall it by typing apt-get remove calf-plugins (and after rebooting) the plugins still show up, but without GUI. Does it mean there is an old version of them that I don’t see?

Re-installing calf-plugins with apt-get install calf-plugins doesn’t change anything.


So, after you remove calf, the calf plugins still show up? Do they load? (Maybe Ardour did not see they were remove…) If so, then, yes, it seems that there is some version still installed. Look at /usr/lib/ladspa/, /usr/local/lib/ladspa/, ~/.ladspa, /usr/lib/lv2/, /usr/local/lib/lv2/, ~/.lv2, and see if you can find calf there after you remove the package. You can then try to manually remove it (you can make a back up, to be safe), and see what happens.

Could you also maybe install another plugin you know has a GUI (like eq10q or lsp-plugins) and see if they work?

There is a calf directory in /usr/local/lib, and a calf.lv2 in /usr/local/lib/lv2 and none of them disappears when I remove calf-plugins.

The reason why I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 is that calf vocoder didn’t seem to behave like on the youtube tutorials, and I thought upgrading my OS could solve that issue. But Ubuntu 18.04 actually makes it worse, so I think I will go back to Ubuntu 16.04, it will save me a lot of time (and for you too!).
Thanks for helping anyway!


So you do have an old custom (self-compiled) install, that is no longer compatible with modern Ubuntu.
I suggest to remove them and only rely on distro provided software (that will prevent similar issues in the future).

Everything below /usr/local/ is something that you have manually installed at some point, and it is your responsibility to keep it up to date (Linux distros leave the local folder alone).

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