Gtk2 backend assertion failed (can't create or open project)


i’m stuck with ardour
i’ve compilate the software

work one time (i can open my project and read them

and suddenly , no way of open them again

and no possibilitie to create a new project

i got this error

ardour-3.5.4565: …/gtk2_ardour/ :906 : void EngineControl::device_changed(): l’assertion « backend » a échoué.
Abandon (core dumped)

Is somebody got a clue for me?

i’m fed up reinstalling ubuntu every day -_-

thank you in advance anyway :wink:

bon, apparently when remove the config and ui_config in the .config/ardour3 files, it seems to work…

if anyon knows what’s the issue i’m listening carefully :wink:

I filed a problem report for this same problem this afternoon. Give the developers a few days, I am sure they will fix it.

I tried just removing the existing config file (left the existing ui_config) and that also allowed ardour to start correctly.
I think the problem is that Ardour now supports multiple backends (direct ALSA connect and others, in addition to just JACK backend), and the config file should now contain the backend configuration. If there is no config file Ardour will prompt for the backend configuration when it starts, but if there is an existing config file with no backend configuration information it crashes.

i’ve done the same
i will wait till the bug is resolved :wink:

The problem appears fixed for me with the latest from git.

seems the same for me :-/
i’ve deleted the config file one last time, maybe the older file makes it bug

it’s worse actually,

crashing during a recording and deconnecting alone from Jack

unusable for music at the moment :frowning:

(in comparison i can launch hydrogen with jack and it will run all the afternoon without crashing

last error during recording (and jack was connected)

JackSocketClientChannel read fail
Cannot open ardourprobe client