How do you create group mix in MixBus?
I would like to link faders together like say all the drums.

I have managed to do it in the Editor but not in Mixer.
Selecting G in mixer shows no groups.


On the left hand side is two areas, one that shows visibility and one where you see any groups. The group area is where you would create the groups, then add tracks to the groups like you thought above.



Also I have created another Buss using Add Track/Bus pull down menu.
How can I assign to that bus?
It seems that I can only assign to the four available bus but not the one I created.


@jazzhot: mixbusses and utility busses are not the same thing. There are only 4 mixbusses. You can create any number of utility busses. The features that relate to mixbus (e.g. “assign”) don’t apply to utility busses.


You need to create a send to route audio to that bus.


Thank you Paul.
I thought that those Utility busses were behaving like those already available.
I just found out that you have to use the Edit menu and choose the track(s) you want to send to those Utility bus.
Is this the way it should be used?
For Reverb or Delay maybe.


Thank you.
I was looking in the Harisson Mixbus manual but not in the Ardour one.
It is very well explained in the Ardour manual.



The documentation for Ardour and Mixbus,will carry over about 95% of the time. So you will be very safe looking at either for either product. Mixbus did remove certain functionality, typically that which is not very well implemented in Ardour 2, and redid some, so there is not a 100% carryover, but it is still extremely useful to look at both, and youll notice that we recommended even Ardour folks buy the introductory video for Mixbus as it si a great introduction to editing in Ardour as well.

Thank you.
I also have a problem with Automation.
I see in the Ardour manual that you can automate Mute but I just can’t see it in MixBus 1.4
Am I right? (unless I missed it)

You cannot automate mutes at this time, going off memory in Ardour either, though I would have to open it up to confirm and can’t right now as I have a VM running in the background while I wait for a call from some engineers to repair a mixer in the rack I am right beside;)

Can you give me a link to where it says you can, that likely needs to be fixed.


My mistake.
You are right, no mute automation supported at the moment as per Ardour manual.
But hope it will come.

Sorry for the confusion.