Groups with sub groups?

Can a track or buss belong to more that 1 group?
What I’m trying to do:
I have several tracks recording audio and a couple recording midi. I want some of the midi group settings to be different from the audio, but I also want to be able to “arm record” for both groups.
The problem now is that sometimes I hit record for one group and realize later that the other group didn’t record.

Ardour does not support group nesting. Tracks and busses can also only belong to a single group.

It does support both nesting and chaining of VCAs, but VCA masters do not provide record-enable control, only gain, solo and mute.

What settings do you want “not shared” across the MIDI and audio members of the group?

What settings do you want "not shared" across the MIDI and audio members of the group?
Hi Paul, That's an interesting question :-). Looking at my sessions, I see that there isn't anything "not shared" between MIDI and Audio. But I group the MIDI separately so I can edit (drag, cut, etc) without dragging or cutting the Audio group. On my computer MIDI has more latency and needs to be trimmed and dragged to the left to sync it up with the Audio tracks.

You can measure the (MIDI) latency in the Audio/MIDI setup dialog, and that should result in perfect alignment.

Thanks Paul, I’ll do that.
I really enjoy working with this software.