Grouping Regions to Move Together

I need to permanently couple two Regions with a gap so they move together as one region.

I produce long-form radio shows. There are floating breaks in the shows where 3 minutes of commercials go. This means the music beds I use going out and coming back in to the show will always be 3 mins apart.

I’d like to permanently link together these two Regions so when I move one the other always moves with it, maintaining a strict 3-minute space between the two. And also to save this function so every time I open a specific project, the link is always there.

In another program I use, there is a feature called “Group Blocks” which does this. I have not found the comparable function in Ardour, but I just might be going right by it. What should I be looking for?


are there breaks in the shows really so hard to fix?
i listen to the radio all the time with internet radio player (i make myself by the way) and one of my friends is a dj on the radio, i never heard from him about such problems. well maybe i should ask him about that and then post here again


I’m still very much a noob with Ardour, but I have a similar need to those expressed here. I select two or more regions and then select ‘consolidate’, but I’m not sure what I’m meant to be seeing. The regions still move relative to eachother and are not grouped.

Clearly I’m missing something.


Unfortunately that functionality doesn’t exist in any version of Ardour at the moment. It has been discussed and I believe is on the todo list for a future version.


I am using the stock free version of Ardour under CentOS Linux; not the MixBus version.

The answer remains the same:) Yea for posting at the same time.

At any rate, the feature did exist in one form in a previous version IIRC but the implementation was so… ‘interesting’ that it tended to cause more confusion than anything and was removed IIRC. As chrisg said though I believe it is planned for the future, you can comment on the issue in Mantis(Or put a new issue in if it isn’t there) if you want.


perhaps the ‘consolidate range’ function could help you along for now.
at least it sound like it to me.



this feature is not implemented. (see where i was asking for the same thing).
I believe it is filed in the post 3.0 todo list ( under the “Arbitrary Region Grouping” name.

I also use Ardour mainly for radio productions which sometimes grow up to a few hundreds regions; which makes it painful when you need to move a large part of the show.

Like nowhiskey said, you can use “consolidate range”; that’s what i do: when a timelapse is ok as-is, select it with a range, ‘consolidate’, and voilà, one large region instead of many.