Grouped Regions Slide/Ripple Strangely

Can anyone explain this? It happens on the latest stable version (6.6.0) and the latest Nightly (6.6.547)

It happens with snap on or off.

It happens in a new snapshot.

It happens if you delete everything except session-file.ardour and restart.

GIF 18-05-2021 5-21-35 AM

Answered my own question…

It’s a feature! Although I’m not quite sure how it works yet.

To turn it off:

  1. Select All Regions
  2. Region > Glue to Bars and Beats > De-Select

So it seems I had triggered this behaviour by customising the session properties in:

  1. Session > Properties > Misc
  2. De-Select: Glue new …

Hope it helps someone like me!

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