Group edit queries

I wasn’t sure whether to make this a rave about how cool something is, a bug report or a feature request! In the end I settled for a “how do I” question:-)

First the cool rave: I’m using group edit to edit four takes of ten tracks of drums. It’s absolutely awesome to watch software doing something so ridiculously complicated with such ease - genius!

Then the problem: I have noticed that when I right click on a region and try to send it to the bottom layer sometimes it works and sometimes (not often…) it simply does nothing. The top region stays on top. I haven’t been able to track down any rhyme or reason to it yet (I shall continue keeping an eye on it). You can get around it no problem with single edit because if you right click you get a list of the other regions underneath. So instead of sending the top one to the bottom I just send the bottom one to the top. Problem is you can’t do that with group edit because you only get “selected regions” as a menu option to work on. I wondered if anyone else had come across this and had found any sort of workaround? Or am I just missing something?

It made me wonder if there was some way the group edit could give you an option to work on layer 1/2/3 etc. OK maybe I should put that in a separate post in the ideas section.:wink:

I’m using Ardour 2.8.2 on Gentoo x86.


@phoeniximago: the layering problem has already been fixed and was in 2.8.4.

Ah, that’s great, thanks for letting me know.