Groove Quantization and something else

I basically have two questions.

The first one is probably easy to answer, does Ardour have groove Quantization?

I am a long time lmms user, and for most what I do LMMS is good enough.

I recently started to talk with an online friend from America, who can play guitar.
He wants me to add drums and synths to his guitar play.

How do I sync my midi with his guitar play?

I think Ardour can do this, but before I am starting to learn a new DAW , I want to be sure I am not wasting any time.

LMMS can’t do it, so that one is already of my list. (match midi with life played music)

I ones saw a demonstration of Cubase, an Atari ST, a Yamaha DX7 and probably a drum computer.
The guy made a drum pattern, and we said it sounded very mechanical.
He then right clicked in Cubase and boom it suddenly sounded like a real drummer.

Cubase however is 600 euro, and worse there is no Linux version.

I have been googling my ass off, and for now it seems only Cubase Albeton and FL studio have groove Quantization. Reaper does not have it, out of the box.

To be clear for me and the American working together, groove Quantization is not really that important.
I am how ever looking, and I hope I am naming it right, how to match midi (time wise) with life played guitar.

I already figured out this is not so easy as I was expecting, and I fully understand why.
Nobody playing life is gonna pay at an exact bpm, like computers do.

It is nominally about Mixbus, but Ardour and Mixbus are identical in this area of operation.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
That fixes one thing.

I might have found something.

For now its just a rumor from a post on a FL studio forum.

There seem to be midi templates in midi format. If I get this right, its simply a midi file with already groove quantization applied.

If I am right it should very simple to import those templates into Ardour.

I today also read Cubase recently celebrated their 30 years of existing.
If I get this groove quantization working, this ends something which has been bugging me for many years.

What did that guy do in Cubase on a Atari ST, but more important, how do I get a not totally dead drum loop from Ardour or LMMS.

On the bright side, because it could be done on an Atari ST, how hard can it be?

Atari ST CPU Motorola 68000, 1 MB of ram…, once this was enough to run cubase. :joy:

“Groove quantization” is an old term, indeed, and isn’t related to the issue of creating a tempo map created from a human performance. So you need to decide what it is that you actually want.

GQ is the opposite process, in most senses. It consists of taking an existing blob of data (originally MIDI) and changing the timing to fit the template (which is not a human performance).

The format of the templates in Cubase and a few other apps that could do “GQ” has never been revealed

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For now, for me its beyond frustrating, but never give up never surrender. :slightly_smiling_face:

The basics of GQ, are so simple. Move a few midi notes.

But every attempt of me doing this in lmms, did not make funk, it made a mess.

To answer your question about what I want.

I want two things and Ardour is probably the answer.

A coop with a Guitar player, and not directly related GQ.

The GQ, has more to do with my attempts of creating (old school) House.

Don’t know if its the samples they used, because early house was very sample based.
But it does have a groove, something I still fail horrible at creating.

That music makes me wanna move, in sharp contrast to most what I get out of lmms for now.

Me switching to Ardour will not fix this, but for now the coop with the guitar player is priority one.

The one thing I do remember from the atari cubase action, you could see the notes move. in the lets call it the piano roll.

I suspect he did two things.
Add swing and turn on humanization. (which only is manipulating midi data)

But for now gonna do some reading about Ardour and how to create a tempo map.
I already saw something about this.

Setting markers, moving clips so the kick drum will align. :slight_smile:

That looked promising.

This plugin might help GitHub - sjaehn/BSchaffl: MIDI groove quantizer LV2 plugin


Thank you I will definitely give that a try.

And if I find groove templates, I will share it.

Found something else too:

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