Grid lines when zooming out

Since Ardour 7 I find the display of the grid when zooming in much better than before. However, I have problems when zooming out. Can I set somewhere that when zooming out less grid lines are displayed, something like it was the case in Ardour 6.*? I did not find anything in the settings.

There is, sadly perhaps, no setting for this. Show me a screenshot of what you preferred compared to the current state of things …

Thank you for the answer. I have attached 2 screenshots of 2 projects of mine. In the Ardour 7 project there are many major grid lines close together. This is very confusing and I always have to zoom in to move a region to the right place.

In the Ardour 6 project there are much less grid lines and they are divided into major and minor. Here I can easily move regions and always hit 4, 8, 16, … bars.

I use the zoomed out overview especially when I work on the arrangement or edit longer automations which is hardly possible with the many narrow white lines now.

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