Grid lines not adjust to definition

Hi, i have a litle problem with the grid settings in triplets option. I dont know if it is a bug or i need some changes in configuration.

The problem starts here. Where i set a *4 Note option, the grids lines seems to works fine:


in this example, i select 1/8 and i see 8 parts of the bar:


but… when i select a triplet, the result is not i was expected:


the midi works fine, but the lines not adjust to midi use.


That seems to be a bug.
It works as expected in ardour-7.0-31-gaaddf5f385 but not in 7.2-10-gedd68d8682 to 7.3-65-gf8557cc00f, at least.

yes, im using 7.2 version

I’ll check if it’s fixed in the latest git version and file a bug report if it isn’t.

Bug report here 0009316: Grid lines for triplets and tuplets are shown as ordinary subdivisions - MantisBT

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