Green Card

New track I made with spokenword artist Psy!Id.

The vocals were recorded in Ableton Live, all the instruments are from ZynAddSubFX, percs put together in Hydrogen, everything mixed down in Ardour2, final track mastered with JAMin.

The track is open source, free to download. Cheers!

@smeefer: question: what was it that made you want to use live to record the vocals? just curious …

paul: I have a dual boot setup, so I do things in windows that I can’t do in Ubuntu. For instance, I can’t get paulstretch to install properly in Ubuntu! So, I use it on windows. Same thing with vocal recording (or any recording using mics connected to my Edirol UA-25EX soundcard). Ableton is just a DAW that I’m most familiar with on windows, mainly because friends of mine use it.
I only recorded and exported the vocals using Ableton. Soon as I had the WAV file, import into Ardour and start working. That’s what I’ve been doing for the few projects I’m doing with vocalists.