Great weekend with ardour 3.1

Some impressions from our recording session. Setup:

  • Ubuntu Studio 3.8.0-19-lowlatency
  • Ardour 3.1
  • Behringer X32 Desk, configured as 32in/32out via USB (recorded max 24 Tracks at the same time)
  • M-Audio BX5 Monitors.
  • a lot of mics, cables :wink:

Everything worked perfect. Some impressions here:

Best regards Herbie

Very nice impressions - sehr schöne Impressionen :-).


Awsome photos, how do you find the Behringer X32 Desk

I’m very impressed. The X32 preamps sounds really perfect. The routing of the desk is very flexibel. Unfortunately the automation (remote control) does not work properly with ardour. I rented the desk for 3 days. It’s my next budget position after that weekend. I think that you can’t get a better solution for that money in the moment!

great to see the pics… so did you hook all the channels to Ardour or how was the planning?

Yes. With the x32 I routed 24 tracks to the card (usb) and from there to ardour. With the desk I made the monitor mix for the headphones (3 different mixes in stereo). I’m currently working on the mixdown in my home studio (without the x32 sniff). The x32 went back to the sound hiring company. Regards Herbie

so all the channels landed on the board and from there via to Ardour? I see couple of SM58s, how was your MICings?

Yes. I recorded 24 (max) tracks in parallel in ardour plus the midi tracks from the keyboard. The Micing setup:

  • SM58 for Backvocals
  • Sennheiser e 965 for lead voice
  • SM57 for guitar
  • Sennheiser e604 for Toms
  • Shure BETA 52A Bassdrum
  • Shure BETA 91A Bassdrum
  • Shure BETA 98AD/C for lower Snare
  • Shure BETA 56A upper Snare
  • HH don’t remember :slight_smile:
  • Overhead ATM450 from audio technica (sounds really great)
  • Sennheiser e 908 for Sax
  • some dynamic mics for small percussion (don’t remember the type)
  • Keyb & Bass were recorded with DI Boxes

regards Herbie

wow, great… so if you do recording of all in one room how is the gain staging? there is a chance of one picking up the other right?

@abhayadevs. Picking up signals from other instrument is not a problem with this production. We like to play as band and sound like we are. No overdubbs were made. I’m currently mixing down and I will publish the result, so far the signal from other sources is no problem :wink:


The first three pieces of music are almost ready for the audience. You may listen to the demo recordings here:


Everything was made with ardour-3.1 (see earlier posts for details). Enjoy
Regards Herbie

nice tracks…, i was just hearing the tracks and also watching the photos at the same time to get the feeling;) the tracks have some natural reverb from the room ?