Great Sample / Synthesized Distorted Guitar Sounds

I’m new to Arodour, and the Linux side of Music production. I’m not a guitarist, I’m a pianist, but love to use sampled and synthesized sounds and sound libraries to create music as a hobby. I am having a hard time finding a really good distorted electric guitar sound. Like that deep grunge all the way to that amazing high you’d hear in a great 80’s or 90’s rock solo.

I know synthesizing guitar is extremely difficult, and of course most libraries sound like saw waves just goofed with a bit.

I was using Garageband years ago (before the re-write), and apple even 15 years back had amazing guitar samples that sounded real enough to fool many friends who played guitar.

I’m looking for a library I can use on Linux. I’ve tried Win VSTs and honestly it’s just painful even trying to figure out how to get that all to work. I’m really just using Ardour through ALSA (no Jack), and the SF2 libraries I’ve found here an there. The pianos are fine, the orchestras (brass strings, woodwinds, also just fine)…but the guitars are pitiful so far.

So, any help, links, guidance, how to’s to help me find a decent rich guitart would be very appreciated. I’m still learning, and barely grasp all of the plugins and other stuff you have to put on top of things to make them work, so I’m really looking for some detailed how to’s. The docs are okay, but coming from something so simple and straight-forward as Garageband, Ardour is killing me just keeping up with which track I’m hearing from my midi keyboard input.

I appreciate this community, and any help you can provide.

There has to be something out there, but in my experience everything works around the actual playing of an electric guitar, then applying amp sims and effects. So my advice would be to collaborate with guitarists, fortunately there is a ton of us, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find someone willing to contribute to your projects.

I appreciate it. This is just a hobby for me. I enjoy it as an escape from all the other things in life. I’m not against collaboration… I’m just not sure I’m a guy to collaborate with. I also think I may be a control freak (well I’m fairly certain I am)…so letting someone else hold the reigns would be difficult for me.

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