Graphic problems in Ardour 3

Hi everybody, I’m new in the forums. I love Ardour, so I decided, recently, to be a beta tester. I compile Ardour 3 with ./waf and I didn’t have any problems to do it… but when I run Ardour 3, I can’t see any waveform, any peak meter on the mixer when I playback, any colors of the midi notes on piano roll and I can’t see the red playback line.

I get several times this message on the ubuntu terminal:

Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property GtkWidget:: cursor-color' of typeGdkColor’ from rc file value “((GString*) 0x9925180)” of type `GString’

What this could be? and what can I do to solve it?

Thank all!


But well, if it's not ready for testing I will remain with Ardour 2.8.2 while I wait for a beta of Ardour 3.

This would probably be a good idea. Bugs will come and go very quickly while features are developed and changed that would affect them and mass bug reports really wouldn’t do as much good till things are much more stable in the code.


Thank you seablede for your answer. I can’t debug it because I’m not a developer. I only can report bugs… that was my intention when I compiled Ardour 3. But well, if it’s not ready for testing I will remain with Ardour 2.8.2 while I wait for a beta of Ardour 3.

Thank you again!


This could be a bug. This could be something with your compilation. This could be a lot of things. What can you do to solve it? Debug and fix the code. If you can’t do this you should not be compiling Ardour 3 at this time. What is more you shouldn’t be posting about Ardour 3 and problems here, as IRC is a much better resource if you want help in programming it as that is where the developers might answer questions.

As has been said repeatedly, Ardour 3 is not ready to be tested by the public in any way shape or form. It is still under heavy development, there will be lots of bugs like this and the answer is to fix them yourself when you find them at this point.