Graphic freeze 1-2 sec if project is played and saved at the same time

i find out why sometimes my graphic stops: If Ardour makes backup (or i save manually with strg+s) the led bars freeze 1-2seconds (time the project needs to save to the harddrive).

That is I know that is complaining on a high level and I can live with it very well - but maybe there is something that can be optimized here.

On the hardware side, probably replacing the HDD with an SSD as a work partition where the projects are saved?

Would an external graphics card bring something here?

It’s most likely because you are using a HDD. HDD to SSD is one of the most noticeable upgrades you can do.

I expect the issue in your cases are plugins.

The test session you have sent has “Speedrum” which not only has over 1800 parameters but also some 20+ MB internal state (which needs to be serialized). Redux is a bit better, but still the “You can leave your hat on” session file is 85 MB, most of which is VST state (samples probably). The bottleneck there is the internal plugin state.

No. The problem is that the GUI waits until the save is done. Save does not happen in the background.

Thank you very much - that was i great info for me.

I searched a lot about performance and the result for freezing graphics is, that Ardour saves from time to time the project - and the mentioned project that takes 3 seconds on a SSD and about 5 seconds on HDD. So i can say that is “normal” and don’t need to worry about a corrupt system, bad driver or whatever.

BTW: Can the interval, when Ardour makes a backup, anywhere changed?

Yes, but those values cannot be changed using the GUI.
While Ardour is not running, edit the config file with a text editor:

on Linux $HOME/.config/ardour7/config

There are two lines

    <Option name="periodic-safety-backups" value="1"/>
    <Option name="periodic-safety-backup-interval" value="120"/>

The first enabled periodic saves, setting value="0" disables it; the later sets the interval in seconds (default is 2 mins).


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