Grandpiano Recording with Ardour

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here’s a grandpiano solo album recorded and mixed using Ardour: eclosion | Anna Ohlmann

Mics were 2x Lewitt LCT440 running into a Focusrite 18i8 USB Interface. The latter was connected to an old IBM Thinkpad running Ardour 5.12. (It would have worked with Ardour 6 equally well I think).

Mixing was done on another machine with the same Ardour version using AVA LegacyQ by Harrison, Bricasti M7 Impulse Responses in IR.lv2. Master Bus featured Harrison XT-MC and Voxongo Elephant. There might have been some other plugins I forgot but these were the essential ones.

The piano was a grand by the German manufacturer Seiler. I had treated the room with a soft carpet to kill some bouncing sonic between floor and ceiling, plus a thick stage curtain that I put on a pipe at approx 1m hight from the floor and 3m length to dampen the room response a little more.

Ardour did great on this. I fell in love a little with LegacyQ which on my system unfortunately hangs when using more than one instance (also in Adour 6.6.0, but not in Carla).



Lovely album. I really enjoyed listening it!

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I agree, nice work here :slight_smile: And I also played it to my daughter who plays piano, and she liked it very much as well. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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