Gradual tempo increase or decrease

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in Ardour what’s the correct way to get a ritardando or accelerando in a certain section of a MIDI track? Can it be automated?
The effect should only be present in the audio you hear (and exported) and not change the lengths of the notes in the MIDI track.
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That is what the Tempo-Map is there for. Ardour provides for ramped tempi. e.g. here a ritardando from 120 to 60 BPM over 3 bars:

The duration of the MIDI note in music time remains the same (e.g. still 1/8th). But since the tempo changes (rit. or accel.), the effective wall-clock (or audio, audible) duration changes.

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in Ardour 7.4 (from source on Linux), inside a project with many plugins (Surge, Vitalium, Zyn, sfizz, etc.) when I enter the final Tempo and click “apply”, Ardour suddenly shuts down.
So I tried it with other projects (equally complex) and it works fine.
So it must be a problem of that particular project.


More likely to be a bug in 7.4. We’ve already released 7.5 …

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