got stuck with last version

Hi Folks,

I downloaded and installed the last update. 3.x.508

When launching the apps I’ve got a message plugins 1778 not found.
After, I have lost my 8 output card and the appli bugs when exiting (bad sound).
So, I have a song crashed at the moment and the previous version had lost this plugins too so I’m stuck.

I’m wondering howto

  1. isolate/ reinstall the plugins used by my projects
  2. Repare the crashed song


There has never been a 3.x.508 release.

The plugin missing message will occur in any version of Ardour. You haven’t described an actual crash at all. Can you expand, please?

Sorry, it is 3.5.403, the actual version.
The first song i opened, my sound card disappear and i have no output sound.
So i tried to launch jackctl before ardour. Then i can see the outputs but no track is connected.
After more test to have at least sound on one track, it bugs when exiting from Ardour… Lound sound during 3 seconds.

About id 1778 I found that it is referencing a reverb

$ grep 1778 *

I’m not using this reverb in this project.

If I tried to restore an old conf and launch the previous version 3.5.380, I still have no sound

What is pulseaudion JACK sink? It connects to all input and output of my soundcard but I do not remember it was existing before.

I’m stuck.

I tried to uninstall this release and force a reinstall of previous version… problem still the same.
Some songs lost the output sound.
I can have a sound when putting a track to solo… but not to every track some cut the whole sound.
I worked one year on an album and 70% of songs are HS.

Now I can try to reinstall the plugins (I don’t knwo how yet)

Ok, I’ve got it !!!
This new release crashed some calf plugins.
If a plugins is not present, it cuts the whole master output and some eratics effects like noise.
The issue is is to delete all effects (on the mixer window). The missing effects are invisible but the “delete all” works.

I was using Amp and C* JVRev from calf… time to change.

There is no log about missing plugins now… I can edit the ardour file to avoid loosing presets on other present plugins