Google Summer of Code 2007 Update

Google announced their decisions regarding this year's Summer of Code. The Ardour project has been awarded 2 projects, which are:

MIDI editing
by Dave Robillard, Carleton University, Ottawa (mentored by Paul Davis). Dave picked the short straw and will be working 27 hours a day to implement every item of MIDI editing functionality known to man.
N.M panning
by Christian Muise, Carleton University, Ottawa (mentored by Jesse Chappell). Christian will be working on adding back end support for more traditional multispeaker panning systems (like 5.1, 10.2 and so forth) along with a GUI to control it.

Google ended up awarding projects to just 900 students, of 3000+ applicants (and more than 6000 applications), so our two projects are a very positive outcome for us.

We welcome Dave back to paid summer work on Ardour, and offer a new welcome to Christian. Is it a coincidence that they are both at Carleton? Hard to say. Will it be useful to have two SoC students at the same institution? The summer will reveal all...

Congrats to both of the folks working on the projects, very much looking forward to both. I do hope consideration is given to the Ambisonics panning system that was discussed a little bit back on the Ardour list(Ardour-Users or Dev, I can’t remember which).

Very much looking forward to the results, this will get me working exclusively with Ardour in Linux and one more reason to get rid of the KDE libs, not that Rosegarden is bad, just that I would rather work with ardour.


Congratulations to both students! As a Carleton grad myself, you make me very proud :slight_smile:


p.s. Small nitpick: the city is spelt Ottawa.

Congratulations !

I’ll will take great pleasure in torturing ardour midi support with jack_nuke, bwahaha !

Marc-Olivier Barre,
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hey hey hey, i wish i could code too, but in this condition I am a lefty. But can’t await to try it.

Google has endorsed us to be a part of 2007 Google Summer of Code. Read on for the list of exciting projects ideas for Summer of Code students, which see you get paid USD4500. Projects revolve around extending our open source content management system and application framework, SilverStripe. The projects are designed to be a part of the standard distribution of SilverStripe, and involve architecting and programming (Object Oriented PHP5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript), with a strong focus on usability, innovation and fun!


Congrats to both of the folks working on the projects, very much looking forward to both. I do hope consideration is given to the Ambisonics panning system that was discussed a little bit back on the Ardour list(Ardour-Users or Dev, I can’t remember which).
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Congrats to Ardour.
27 hours a day is a lot, but I suppose there will be great results :slight_smile: But will midi live for long? Thats another question. Godd luck anyway :slight_smile:


MIDI editing - I am always looking this. Thank you for nice article.
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MPL is a tool to make changes to MIDI files in batch and to process (send and receive) MIDI messages in real time.
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Ardour’s recording capabilities are limited only by the hardware it is run on. There are no built in limitations in the software. When recording on top of existing material Ardour can do latency compensation, positioning the recorded material where it was intended to be when recording it.

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The annual Google Summer of Code is upon us again. For the uninformed, that’s when Google pays hundreds of students and hundreds of mentors to work on free software projects, ranging from AbiSource to Zumastor. This is where great projects like the GDebiKDE installer were created. And this year looks even better than before, with 175 organizations and 1125 students. So today, I’m going to do a short rundown of some of my favorites. I can’t fit them all in (let’s save some trees!), but these are just some that stood out for me.

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Carleton now offers over 65 programs in a diverse range of disciplines, including public affairs, journalism, film studies, engineering, high technology, and international studies. More than 2 000 faculty members instruct some 23 000 students drawn from over 147 countries, studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree. Over the years it has gained a reputation due to its highly demanding and rare programs.

Will there be a Google Summer of Code in 2009? I would like to participate.



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