good use of MIDI tracks

Hi happy devs & users,

just 2 questions, the first is “philo” and the 2nd “IRL” :

  1. since Ardour3 is released, people have probably some reasons to ask about A3 here ?

  2. Say you have a MIDI track with only one note, eg bass drum.
    You put post fader on this track the “drumkv1” plugin, and load the wonderful sample you have.

Q: Are you supposed to treat audio in this track, means compress-EQ-pan-whatever you like, or is it better to patch to an audio rec-ready track and do the treatment here ?

Thanks !

More details upon what happens, the MIDI file used have several tracks for drums. So several Drumkv1 plugins are used. Last action was to 2ble clic on the plugin in left editor box. It crashes A3.