Good Maximizer plugin (LADSPA)

I can’t seem to find a decent free VST maximizer that doesn’t crash Ardour…is there a good LADSPA one? I use them on podcasts to get the overall volume up…

Barry’s Satan Maximiser is a complete killer on drums. Not sure what it will do for a podcast.

Are you sure you don’t mean a compressor, btw?

Well, you could use the TAP compressor followed by the TAP scaling limiter…or you could just use the program JAMIN and insert it on your master fader…or you could try a program called ‘louderbox’ that you could insert the same as JAMIN.

Thanks, I tried Barry’s, but it definately did not sound good on podcasts. I’ll have to check in to some of the other options. I read somewhere that Izotope Ozone will work with Wine, but I haven’t been able to get it to go yet…that is what I used to use in windows.

thanks again,

learn to use a compressor, as that will give you a better quality sound for a podcast. Also, you could normalize your tracks before mixing. You should also read about using Jamin, as that will really help your tracks sound better (if used properly)

Thanks, for this particular application, I have always used a maximizer, as it is usually easy to set up, and is fairly transparent to the sound, and I can usually get almost 11 DB of gain with out any audible distortion.

I do know how to use compressors, as I have 10+ years of experience in recording both live and studio, but, I don’t want to use a compressor. Mostly, I am experimenting to find out what the capabilities are in Ardour. Also with a compressor, I would also need a limiter as a plugin after the compressor, and as many of these as I do in a month and the limited time I have for this (this is on a volunteer basis), even a little extra time having to set something up can be annoying.

It looks like Jammin has a decent compressor and a limitor, so I could go that route. I just have to find out if I can set it up as a preset. I have limited time, and like to be able to just open up my DAW, cut the ends, add intro/outro and mix down.

All that to say, I’ll look into Jamin a bit more and see if it will work for me…

Ardour 2.0.5 w/VST Support
2 GB Ram
AMD X2 Athlon 3500
3 X Terratec EWS88mt (24 In/Out)

Have a go with foo limiter

It’s a good sounding look ahead limiter that behaves itself well with lots of gain reduction.
There is a patch to use it with jamin too.

Priced to sell (free) and works well with dssi-vst or ardourvst.

All the kjaerhus free plugs are top notch.

Interesting…anytime I try to use the Classic Master Limiter, ardour crashes…I’ll have to look into it.

As a side question…is there anyway to get the classic presets that you would see in cubase? I use the classic reverb all the time, and would love to have some of their presets again…