Good jack player for a/b comparison while mixing?

Hello everyone,

any recommendations for a simple totem/vlc type player which is jack compatible so I can do A/B comparisons with .wav, .ogg or mp3 tracks while mixing in Ardour? I can’t seem to get vlc working with jack, so that’s out, and jack seems to monopolize my sound hardware so I can’t use Totem…Thanks


i always use mhwaveedit for this.
it is simple and you even get the wave form view…

of caurse, very good jack implementation.




i like exaile or moc (second if you want to keep it simple: mocp -R jack) vlc works under jack via plugin, but you always have to connect vlc manualy, which is kind of annoying…

@conjunctivitis: if you take a look at there are new explanations on how to route various things via JACK. Totem is covered by the GStreamer case.

The link for ‘routing PulseAudio via JACK’ is not working. Maybe a typo

@scary-hallo: works here.

@paul and Scary-Hallo: I think you’re talking about different things; the link to “How can I use PulseAudio and JACK on the same machine?” (which works) vs “Option 3: route PulseAudio to JACK while JACK is running” on that page (which doesn’t “work” since it isn’t a link, just an empty header)

Yes, that’s the thing I meant.
But I think that is a link

a href="/pulse_via_jack"

which seems not to exist

The text “pulse_via_jack” does not exist in the source code of that page. At least not the page served to Firefox, Opera and wget in Linux.

Perhaps you have an old cache.

OK. Next misunderstanding. My fault. I’m talking about the page “”. And there is a option 3:
systems that route audio from the web browser via PulseAudio: routing PulseAudio via JACK.
This link does not work. I tried on 4 different machines. Linux and Windows (always Firefox)
And I always saw the link in the source.