Gonna give it a shot- Waiting to try

Fairly new to Linux, using Zorin cause I like Windows or Mac feel. I’ve been a Pro-Tools person (friends studio) and I use an older version of Sonar in mine. I’m wanting to be different and in a way upgrade and do my studio “open source” and researching seems to show me that Ardour is the one and only recording software (at least in my searches on google) that looks professional… or at least like something I use or have used. (Don’t know midi, digital and all that BS… we’re a live recording metal band)

So I am waiting to download a trial version to give it a try. If it works, then I’m going Linux and Ardour. Looking forward to the experiment. If not… It’s Windows for life (life of my hardware anyway cause we’re broke musicians)

For the time being, it’s certainly fun to goof with all of the free software out there like games, MS Office clones and stuff, Photoshop attempts, etc… some decent stuff out there and all and pretty neat to see my old equipment being as fast as some of my friends Macintosh and PC stuff.

Talk soon. Jeff Scepter scepteronline.com

Dell Inspiron, 90’s model
Echo Layla 24 PCI interface
PC speakers
Sound card
yada yada yada

I’ve been using linux as my main desktop for years now. I think the dfference can best be summed up as linux exists for my benefit but, in the microsoft world, you exist for microsoft’s benefit.

As far as audio goes, gentoo is the most configurable flavour of linux I know but it does take a bit of learning for a first-time linux user. In saying that, it is pretty well-documented and there are good forums to ask for help. I’ve no idea if Zorin plays nice with the jack and Ardour. If it doesn’t, maybe take a look at AVLinux.

The only thing lacking in linux audio software is the range of soft synths and samplers you have in Mac/Windows. I still keep a second computer with XP which gets booted up if I want to play windows soft synths or Kontakt.

Kontakt, incidentally, should run in wine but it clicks like crazy on my setup and I never could figure out how to fix that.

Linux does have a decent (but occasionally flaky) sampler, Linuxsampler, which plays .gig files. There are still quite a lot of high quality instruments in that format which you can hunt down.