Goa trance track in ardour

I made a goa trance track using ardour on linux. I use a lot of midi and software synths, it is a little hard to adapt to the midi process in ardour but I get used to it.


Good clear synth sounds//

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You have a lot of cool stuff going on there! I’d like to hear more kick drum and bass… I’m missing the “oonce” but this is a great arrangement!

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Haha holy crap, this is straight up pure early 90’s goa trance. I used to be a huge fan of Astral Projection and Hallucinogen, this is super reminiscent of all of that. Well done, I think in the context of this style of goa trance, the bass and kick being in the background more is fine, because the psy-acidy melodies and arpeggios usually take the front focus.

Well done, kept me bopping my head even though I don’t listen to this stuff nowadays.

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