GM synth

I haven’t done any MIDI for like 20 years so I’m probably helplessly outdated … I have been looking for a soft synth that will let me use sax sounds and trumpet and all that stuff. So I created a MIDI track and looked through the available instruments but they are all “real” synthesizers and I can’t handle all this wave form stuff. Is there such a thing as a General Midi (Sound Canvas was the term used back then) synth?

OK forgive me, once again I gave up too early … I now know that there is a “Fluid Synth” in my instruments plugin folder and it will play “Sound fonts”. I got one free one that sounds rather cheesy though - can someone recommend a sound font, free or not too expensive?

Wow I found a good one now (sorry! I keep on posting questions that I find answers for on my own just a little later …) - it’s called “27mg_Symphony_Hall_Bank” and it’s incredible!!
I’ll try not to bother you next time I seem to run into an “unsolvable” problem

Just glad we could help…

Hey what are you doing in here? THIS IS MY THREAD :wink: