glue tracks together

is there a manual or so for Ardour3
I found this but it is for Ardour2

I would like to ¨glue¨ tracks together so they could not move in time from eachother.

Thank you!

thank you! for the manual, funny the help button>manual does not link there.
I tried to combine the regions together regions>edit>combine but if i drag one region in time the others stay in place, so that is not what i mean.

You have to select the regions you want to combine first, then combine them, all of those regions will visually become one region. Then when you move it, it will move as a whole.

There is also a drop down menu far left on the tool bar which contains “Slide, Splice and Lock”. If you select Lock that will stop any regions from being moved in time, but it is a global setting.

Reading your initial post I’m not sure what it is you’re actually trying to achieve, but there are two answers for you !

ok this is what i did:
i selected and shift clicked all the tracks, so it looked like this:
then i selected: regions>edit>combine
but if i drag one region in time the others stay in place, that looks like this:
thank you!

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There is no "combine" or "lock" or "link" operation that crosses track boundaries.

However, you can put each track into the same group, make sure the group has shared editing enabled, and then similar/identical regions in each track of the group will be moved/selected/edited together.

thanks! i will check that

i think this is what you mean?

still, if i drag one the other stays in place…
I would like them to behave as ¨one region¨


That group isn’t active from the looks of it, was that just an oversight for the image, or have you tried with the group active?


yes you are right, but it does not make a difference: if i toggle active(the tabs become orange) if i drag one the other stays in place…

i have ¨selection¨ selected too…
I guess i am missing something?

from Pauls link:
¨Selection means that if a region is selected or deselected on one member track, corresponding regions on other member tracks will be similarly selected. Since region editing operations are applied to all currently selected regions, this is the way to make edits apply across all tracks in the group. ¨

it is working after a restart…