"glue" together takes to a uniform wav

I have a vocal track that is made up of a few different takes. Is there a way to combine the takes, to glue them together so to speak, to one track?

edit it until it sounds right (crossfades between different takes …) and then re-record onto a new track with the input set to the original track. Known as “bouncing” the track.

Try the new(ish) ‘consolidate range’ function. Use the range tool to select the regions you want to consolidate, right-click and select ‘consolidate range’. The new region will be the length of the selected region. This new feature works really well.

I wanted to do the same with a beat, but nothing happens - Ardour 2.5.
I select the Regions (the white-Box-Selection-thing selects over all Tracks), i Right-Click, i see the Options, i click on “consolidate range” - nothing happens. No new Region in the Region-List, nothing.
Where do i find the consolidated region?

To consolidate a range first you have to select the desired track by clicking below the horizontal fader.

Easier: If you want to consolidate regions select the regions and right-click: Selected Regions -> Set range selection. Right click again and consolidate range.

As far as I understand, consolidate a range is like re-record or bounce inside the same track. The level is taken into account so don’t forget to set the track fader to 0 dB if you just want to make a region from two or more without changing the level.

I like this new feature!

Thanks@Pablo, that worked fine.
I thought i could consolidate several Tracks into one, but seems only to work for one Track at a time.
I played around with it a bit now and i like it too, but i now realized that the same thing i tried a few days ago now works fine, that is strange - so consolidating didn’t work the last time i had the program running, but now it works fine.
So, as far as consolidating is concerned i am happy now :wink:
For more Problems check my other Threads ;))

Thanks @Mattb. You just saved my brain from exploding and my computer from being smashed in a rage :smiley: