Globle transposition

I am a newbie here. I have been looking for a daw which has what is usually referred to as Globle Transpose, where you can transpose selected tracks up or down in semi tones from a midi controller such as the fcb1010 or any midi controller for that matter.Can anyone tell me if Ardor has this capability before I invest a lot of time into this?

Welcome @fchazz :v:,
Global Transposition is a feature I would associate with midi-based Software. Ardour combines midi and audio.

Still, if you are simply trying to tailor your mixes pitch - e. g. to an undecided vocalist - there are plugins that take care of this in a non-destructive way:

So, technically, you could use such a plugin on the master bus. I haven’t tried this myself, though, since I torture our vocalists through all relevant keys as a pre-recording routine.

Does this answer your question?