gladish and ardour: best way to save connections to and from ardour (save studio state)

Just started using Gladish (got side-tracked trying out synths - which ones have midi inputs (alsa) and jack outputs so I can use midi keyboard and connect outputs to ardour track inputs…)
not clear on the best way to save connections to ardour (inputs), that will save time when creating new songs, toggling through old ones etc…

Had a brief attempt at saving studio state with ardour connections from firewire inputs to eg. rakarrack then to ardour track. I noticed that if I opened to much esp. including synths, there could be some xruns. Also when trying to stop then unload the studio, ladish sometimes got stuck…

If we are trying to standardise to a template session layout (eg. drums always track 1 often using jack-rack, guitar - track 2 often using rakarrack…e.t.c.) but still want some variation between tracks and audio plugins, is it best to save connections to ardour in a “room” in gladish rather then studio. Also is it preferable to save a new “state” for each new song?

Just wondering how others are going about doing this…and what advice on what works the best and saves time in the end.

I am waiting for Jack Session support to hopefully help in this regards myself. Beyond that I don’t have a good solution.


This is very interesting and I too would like to hear what more experienced Ardour users do to slipstream their day to day use.

The good thing with using linux audio with all the flexibility can also be a problem :slight_smile: