Gladish alternatives?

Hello !

That was a long time I didn’t checked how Ardour, and more commonly music creation on Linux has evolved.

I was using Gladish that is a nice “session handler”, even if right now I have problem to understand how to attach a current Ardour session to it without to create an “application” in interface… but that’s not the problem.

The problem is that Gladish is/seems to be dead. It uses an old canvas graphical module to display Jackd connection and ladish-control-center has got a lot of problems with “enum34” package. Ok I now stop to speak about technologies and code, and I’ll ask the question:

Is there any way to have an equivalent/alternative to Gladish ? I mean:

  • save jackd connections
  • with started applications
  • with correct loaded session on all softwares (hydrogen for example)

Gladish was the only one application that can do that, and even if I can develop my own solution, as I said… I haven’t the time to work on a project until next year.

At this time, I can use Gladish, but I needed to remove a huge list of dependencies while I needed to remove python-enum34 package… and I will need it for other softwares.


Wow. That brings back memories, bad memories from early last decade :slight_smile:

Most session-handler issues have been resolved by simply moving away from multiple-applications and preferring plugins inside an Ardour session.

That being said NSM (non-session-manager) is the tool of choice for those who stay with separate jack applications. While Ardour can be a NSM client, Ardour does not provide management facilities for this. You may have better luck asking on or KXStudio forum. e.g.


Yeah I’ve seen that plugins (as Calf FluidSynth) are now well managed inside Ardour 5 (and wowww, that’s so nice !)
But as I said, Hydrogen is not integrated, and there are some plugins as ZynAddSubfx or drumkv1 that refuses to work (zynadd doesnt show any plugin in mixer, and drumkv1 shows a big black rectangle… if I launch them outside Ardour, it’s ok)

And I think that I’ve got other music softwares that are not managed by Ardour plugin management.

Claudia is very closed to gladish, and uses the same canvas library (if I’m not wrong), but the problem is that ladish itself seems to be abandoned. I will check website (thanks).

Actually, my question is more large, I wonder if Ardour will be able to replace gladish, and if there is a way to develop plugin myself… I’m software developer but not on that kind of tool, so that can take a long time before I found how to create myown bridge.

BTW I didn’t said that I’m very impressed by enhancements made from Ardour 4 to Ardour 5. It’s been a while I didn’t take time to use Ardour and I’m now embarrassed to have stopped making donation, I think I will restart my monthly donation.
BTW(bis) Maybe the given binary from paied account here is better that the one that is given in Fedora repository, so I now think that I will make donation again.

Anyway, thanks for your (quick) answer :wink:

Thank $god, there is no calf in Ardour :innocent:

Zyn-fusion does work nicely in Ardour though.

As for Rui’s QT-based plugin UIs… perhaps can help. Sounds like the issue that you describe. There is a general issue with plugins that are not self-contained (and rely on external libs), but that is a separate discussion.

We can’t provide support for distro-builds, and I can’t say anything about the quality of Fedora’s build. Ardour does make heavy use of 3rd party libs and there may indeed be subtle differences, depending on versions used when building Ardour. I suggest to get a demo version from and test yourself (or use KXStudio or AVLinux, both ship the official build).

If it’s really just hydrogen, you could use a shell script to launch it first, then Ardour, and Ardour will remember the jack port connections and re-connect.


I’ve paid my new subscription and took the last Ardour version, that’s now worse… it crashes when I want to open drumkv1 or some other stuff that are linked to “suil”. Arrggggg

Ok that’s not a problem, I’ve downloaded “your(? see my PS at the end of my answer)” avldrum for now and, yes, I’m already running a shell script for now to open hydrogen or other midi software that are not hosted in Ardour.

Also, I install zynaddsubfx-lv2 plugin (that’s the zynadd plugin that won’t work) and this one is working. zynadd-plugin is not append in the mixer controler - very weird, I’ve installed that one too…

A bit more stressing, some plugins crashes Ardour as soon as I create MIDI track with it… others crashes when I open the GUI… So there are only a little list of plugins that are usable on my computer, including zynaddsubfx, avldrum and calf-*

BTW, it’s so a pity that since so many years, LMMS is not synchronized to jackd. The drum pad is very nice to use (loading sounds from several plugins, for example a kick from zynaddsubfx, and crash cymbal from a wave file…) - Actually that’s that kind of “plugin” I really need. LMMS provides some nice instruments as LB302 and Kicker (that allows to create our own kick sound with ease), if only the authors could change their vision…

That could be nice if Ardour could be able to start other softwares and make jackd links not only by using lv2 interface, so to be also a “session manager”.
I know that may be complicated but… why not…

So, yes, a bash script is not so complicated to write, excepting that we have to wait some time to be sure that some connections are finalized before to launch them all on the fly. That’s, one more time, not so complicated, but a lot of users can find it not confortable.

Hu… when you say “thank god there is no calf in Ardour”, you want to say “not only” or… it’s a joke about “calf” (no really I smiled but as I’m french, words jokes are not very easy to interpret :stuck_out_tongue:)

PS: x42-plugins is your work ? if yes: thanks a lot for the 2 avldrum sets !