give dialog/utility windows descriptive titles

when using a tiling window manager (tested with ratpoison) it is hard to keep track of the many windows that are all called “Ardour”, e.g. to quickly cycle to the mixer, or to locate a dialog/utility window that has just been opened

without descriptive window titles it is also not possible to make use of useful functions of the window manager, such as making instantly loadable frame-sets that would place e.g. the sequencer, mixer, and meters in pre-determined relations on the screen

assuming that this isn’t a limitation of ratpoison itself, my suggestion would be to name all Ardour windows descriptively, reflecting their function

While I am not sure if a tiling WM is a typical use case, and don’t know if this is a limitation of the WM or not, I will say that feature requests should go in the issue tracker or they will get lost(See the Bug Tracker link above).


feature and bug requests belong at

in addition, this is a window manager problem. All of our windows have a descriptive title set on them. possibly your WM is picking up a “window manager class” setting, which will be removed in the next release (it has no relevance on non-X11 platforms and is no longer recommended for X11 either).

Works fine with i3 tilling window manager (using ardour 3.5.403). I like tiling with ardour, my only complaint is that fancy plugin guis are never scalable (and I understand why).