Gform from gvst

Have you tried the plugin gform from gvst? I can really recommend this plugin. I think it’s the best free pitch shifter that i’ve seen to shift the voice. It keeps really well the formants, too. It’s beta but really great. These plugins are also available for linux. Has anyone else made an experience with this plugin?

I don’t see Linux versions of it. Where would they be found?

If you are using AV Linux you already have them…

ah. GVST - Packages

Mr. Glen, I love AVLinux, and please, when you list something like this, and it comes installed with AVLinux, please highlight that fact, so you can a) promote AVLinux, and b) save me the mindless effort of downloading this and then finding “Oh, I already have this available” :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s funny is…

When I posted the link I thought about saying “these are already included by default in AV Linux” but then I thought it was offtopic and I would come across as a pretentious and shameless self-promoter so I didn’t… and that was wrong too… :laughing:

I edited the link

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Which version of VST are those? Since AVL has them, I assume they work fine with Ardour?

I think we’ve gotten a little off topic :wink: My question was if anyone has tried gform? And his experience with the plugin…

Well, we have to get it installed before we can try it. It seems like not many others are familiar, or even knew it was available for linux (since the main web page says “for Windows” and no other information).

Although I see now that GForm is not available in the main packages yet, and the beta plugins are currently Windows only.
Given the heavy prevalence of Linux users on the Ardour forum, that makes it a lot less likely to find someone on the forums who has used that plugin.
Now that you have promoted it, maybe one of the Windows users will try it out and report back.

I’m sorry, of course you have to install it first. I use Ardour on Linux and the plugin is also available on linux. It is included in the linux-bundle. Here is the link:

Hi @ccaudle

If you recheck the link I posted above it takes you to the download page for all Platforms… AV Linux includes the LinuxVST2 builds which is what @woozl.1986 is referring to

Yes, I see that after unzipping the Linux bundle and looking at the included files. On the web page the very first sentence says “…for Windows.” I stopped reading there the first time until Glen pointed out that they have a Linux bundle, so I downloaded the bundle and clicked over to the description page to see what plugins are included. That plugin description page does not have GForm, The “Betas” page does have GForm, but the Betas page only includes Windows versions.

So hopefully you can see why I was confused, the web page makes it as difficult as possible to figure out what GForm is or that you can actually run GForm on Linux.

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The plug-in list don’t forget the link to the beta page. That’s where Gform is.

For what is worth, their tri-chorus is really good, in my opinion. At least on guitar.

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Yes, Gvst has really some nice plugins. Gform and Gsnap with midi control is really great to correct the pitch in vocals. Also a good plugin for that is x42-autotune. All this 3 plugins are not melodyne, but you can work very well with these plugins. And you can achieve very good results!

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