Getting Xruns when scrolling.


I am getting a very annoying issue happening quite often. I got a project with about 25 tracks, and when scrolling back or ahead on the song, I get a crash. Ardour suddenly closes itself and Jack shows an Xrun.

Does anybody have this problem? Any ideas if it can be fixed?..

85%+ probability that this is caused by your system (hardware and/or software).

Please also see

I usually have to tweak JACK to get rid of xruns and get stability. My PC, although fast, still requires some pretty “high” settings in JACK. See my “Got Jack” topic in the Tips forum.

Hey, thanks for the suggestions!

I was kind of expecting this, as I am temporarily working on a laptop, using the integrated card, so I am very much aware I am pushing it, perhaps too much. In any case, I wanted to ask just in case it was something I could easily fix.

I am moving soon to a workstation using a proper soundcard, so I expect these issues are gone forever!


I had the same problem when using FFADO with qjackctl, but I then changed to freebob with qjackctl and it worked perfectly (and still does). I have no idea what caused it, but it seems it is indeed an issue outside of Ardour.
Hope that helps.