Getting webcam video in sync

Hi all,

my setting is as follows. I’m trying to record a webcam video of me playing over a backing track and I’d like to get the video and audio in sync as easily as possible. I’m using Linux.

What I’ve tried so far is to make the backing track in Ardour, record the solo track in ardour and simultaneously turn webcam capture in guvcview on. This gives me the ability to further process the two audio tracks in Ardour, but I then have to import the video and sync it manually to the sound. Even worse, I found that they got out of sync again once I tried to export the whole thing from Ardour as a single video.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a better workflow?


OpenShot is an excellent Linux video editor. In addition, there is Cinelerra, Kino, LiVES, KDEnlive, and Avidemux. Wrap up your audio in Ardour, export a lossless format, and sync it up in one of the above-mentioned programs. If you have trouble finding and installing any particular video editor, I might be able to help, but I use Gentoo exclusively, so I don’t always know how things should be done on other distros via package managers (but these can all be compiled from source, I think, if necessary).

Hi audiodef, thanks for the answer. I’ve used Kdenlive previously, and that would probably be my first choice. I was hoping more for a solution where the syncing wouldn’t have to be done manually, and where I’d still retain the possibility of editing the audio in Ardour (your solution would indeed enable the latter).


When I see exports out of sync from what is in ardour, it is usually because you have drug the video in the timeline in a way that it doesn’t know how to compensate. I would suggest setting your start and end markers, preferably starting at 01:00:00.00, then import the video, and then import your audio and drag your audio only to match the video, not moving either the video or the start marker, unless you later get a longer video that you need to start earlier with to match the rest of the session (Doesn’t seem likely in your case).