Getting transport status in EditorHook script

Hi, new here and looking at Ardour to try and determine if it can do what I want.

I have an EditorHook script that I can successfully trigger on the TransportStateChange signal, however I can’t find a way to then determine what that transport state is which seems strange.

I’ve tried Session:transport_rolling() but this returns false no matter the actual state.

That method does seem to work if tested interactively in a scripting window, so is this a bug or some sort of undocumented context issue that it fails in the EditorHook script?

Surely if there is a hook on a change of transport state there must be a way to determine said state within the handler that is called?

Many thanks for any assistance.

Because Ardour’s Lua API is essentially a mirror of the internal C++ API, and because neither are stable, you should always mention the version of Ardour that you’re using when asking questions like this.

Yes true. I assumed because I mentioned I was new to Ardour that I was talking about the latest version but I should have been specific: 6.2.

Thanks again for any help.

For others’ possible benefit I did resolve this. Whilst transport_rolling() would not work in the EditorHook script transport_speed() did, so I was able to achieve the same thing through that.

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