Getting the stuff started

I came across this site and was baffled because I didn’t know anything like this was going on in the Linux Community. I am an pro audio engineer and computer guru and figured I would post up and see if I could get some info and tips. I haven’t been able to get any version of Linux up on any of my systems. I was trying to use Ubuntu, but none of the Live CD’s will ever boot up. The one I would like to set up is a P3 550 Dell and I have the Onyx Satellite interface. I did get Dyne:bolic to run off the live CD but Im in the process of trying to learn how to install it onto the hard disk on an old compaq lappie to try it out. I have gone thru a lot of linux stuff and the way it operates and file structure still baffle me after about 2 years of trying. Just post what you can or what you guys are using so that I may have a starting point. I have Nuendo on the PC right now, Run Digital Performer and Pro Tools on the Mac, but Im looking for something to maybe take me off the grid of corporations ramping up prices just because it’s audio related.

Synaptic runs on KDE too.
You can install ardour from the 6.06 repos, but then you’re stuck with some 0.9 version. So best - as already suggested - upgrade to 6.10, then 7.04 (feisty), and then add the ubuntustudio repo’s ( to install low-latency kernel and ardour 2.0.

You guys were right. All of the distros that I got in .iso form were somehow damaged. The only one I have had success with was kubuntu 6.06 which I got this evening. I have also been reading that there are tons of issues trying to run linux on Dell, so I retried all the disks in my IBM lappie. they didnt work there either. The only one to work was kubuntu. I may try and get Ubuntu 6.06 or fiesty again, but that will be later since my PC is acting really wierd again. Just another reason I want to move to Linux. Im tired of fighting windows and microsoft.

If you install kubuntu 6.06, you can upgrade to 6.10 first and then to 7.04 and use the ubuntustudio repository, so you don’t have to download and burn more iso files which might be broken. Then you can install Gnome or E17 via Synaptic, if you don’t want KDE.

I’m sorry but I have to call your ‘computer guru’ status somewhat into question if you’re having that much trouble getting a pc to boot from the cd drive!

; )

First, you want to test boot any machine you are thinking of installing linux on with that dynebolic cd, simply because you know it boots on one of them, hence you know it’s a good burn. I finding it hard these days to get a good cd off of virtually any of my older cd burners. Too much dust here in Boston, I guess!

You can also check your bios settings and make sure cd/dvd booting is enabled.

Those are really the only two things that will stop a pc from booting off a cd or dvd. A bad burn or bios settings.

Maybe have a friend with a newer pc burn a cd for you.

Otherwise, I’d recommend Ubuntu Studio if you can get that loaded. Dynebolic is good for a quick and dirty introduction, and is also tuned for older machines, which is good in your case, but as linux distros go it’s not really upgradable. Think of it more as a standalone app unto itself, and if it detects your hardware and boots okay then you’re off and running and can at least start getting to know your way around.

By the sound of it, though, if you’ve been checking out Linux for 2 years+ and are still having a rough time, it may not be the best choice for you. You still (in my opinion) REALLY need to enjoy detective work and tinkering about in order to get much out of Linux. If you do enjoy that, then the sky’s the limit.

You may want to consider looking into a PC/Mac app like Tracktion:

The basic version goes for $99 and the only difference between it and the ‘pro’ version is the fact that the pro version comes with a ton of extra plugins and loops. The basic app itself is fully featured in all versions (there is no ‘LE’) and an extremely powerful and interesting piece of work. Lot’s of community support for it at

I’m not trying to dissuade you from Linux/Ardour, but there are other options out there.

Thanks Man. I own traktion, but with Nuendo and DP I really have no use for it. I was just trying to explore the possibility of Linux based boxes since widblows has so many issues with viruses and spyware. Oh and they started limiting installs of Mac OS. IF OSX keeps getting bloated like windows, its only a matter of time, might as well turn to Linux. I will try and scuff up UB studio. What are all these apps you guys are talking about like jack? do you have to run apps under ardour to make it work?

That is true. Im going to try using the KDE desktop since I have used gnome before. KDE looked a little easier to understand. can you get Ardour from apt get with KDE, or do you have to be running gnome and synaptic? what is the KDE equivalent of Synaptic, or is there one?