Getting the full Ardour from a package manager


Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I was unable to find it. I downloaded Ardour from my Linux distro’s package manager (pacman), and I want to get the full version of Ardour through a donation. How can I do that?

Thanks! – Please note making a donation this way is not related to downloading Ardour. The download/payment system is separate.

You may already have a “full version”, that is why ardour also accepts donations.

Most GNU/Linux distros do package a “full version” (compiled from source), and the only difference are bundled 3rd party plugins.

The main difference between binaries from compared to common distro-builds are that Ardour binaries…

  • use a dedicated build-dependecy stack - some patched libraries, some statically linked libs. – while Linux distros just use random lib versions that they happen to ship already.
  • include non-free plugins (most notable Harrison XT-*)
  • include free/libre plugins (most notably General MIDI synth)
  • ships with all-backends; on Linux: ALSA, JACK, Dummy (some distros split those into separate packets, some only configure with JACK…)